Excelpoint’s Wholly-owned Subsidiary, Planetspark, Undertakes An Investment Of US$2 Million In Meridian Innovation

  • Meridian Innovation is a pioneering developer of advanced CMOS Thermal Imaging solutions, headquartered in Singapore. Its patented SenXorTM CMOS Thermal Imaging technology enables mass producible LWIR cameras in today’s new commercial and consumer applications.
  • This strategic investment is part of Excelpoint’s plans to invest in innovative technologies and collaborate with start-ups in achieving these strategies.

Singapore, 12 June 2019 – SGX mainboard-listed Excelpoint Technology Ltd. (“Excelpoint” or the “Group”), is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, PlanetSpark Pte. Ltd. (“PlanetSpark”), the Group’s entrepreneurial and investment arm, has undertaken an investment of US$2 million in Meridian Innovation Pte. Ltd. (“Meridian”), a Singapore-based company developing Thermal Imaging Sensor based solutions for commercial and consumer applications that will enable safer and better living.

With its design house incubated in Singapore, Meridian’s thermal sensors are the first to be integrated with the Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (“CMOS”) technology, allowing the manufacturing process for their thermal cameras to be easily scaled for high- volume production. Since they surfaced at the recent CES show in Las Vegas, their products have gained the attention of big players within the industry. This week, Meridian is also exhibiting at the Shanghai CES show.

“Meridian’s technology is distinctive because it utilises a unique patented technology that allows for a more simplified process flow and enables mass production at a very competitive cost. The market potential is great as it can be incorporated into many commercial and consumer applications, which are synergistic with Excelpoint’s focus segments. We are very excited for this collaboration and together with our strong engineering capabilities and footprints, we look forward to creating positive impacts across global markets,” said Mr. Albert Phuay Yong Hen, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Excelpoint Technology Ltd.

As a leading regional business-to-business platform providing quality electronic components with integrated research and development capabilities and value-added design solutions, Excelpoint has been an integral part of the global electronics technology value chain for more than 30 years.

Continuing its strategic focus on collaborating with start-ups, PlanetSpark continues to be a key platform for them in Asia Pacific to accelerate their growth, commercialise and stay ahead of the innovation curve in the global electronics and technology industries.

Mr Hock Leow, Chief Executive Officer of Meridian said, “Meridian is honoured to have Excelpoint as an investor. We are also excited and privileged to work with their strong engineering support and extensive distribution networks in Asia. Meridian believes that thermal imaging sensor-based solutions will experience explosive growth in the IoT and consumer markets in the near future.”


About Excelpoint Technology Ltd.

Excelpoint Technology Ltd. (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries (“Excelpoint” or the “Group”) are one of the leading regional business-to-business (“B2B”) platforms providing quality electronic components, engineering design services and supply chain management to original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”), original design manufacturers (“ODMs”) and electronics manufacturing services (“EMS”) in the Asia Pacific region. Excelpoint Technology Ltd. has been recognised in the Top 25 Global Electronics Distributors and Top Global Distributors lists by EBN (a premier online community for global supply chain professionals) and EPSNews (a US premier news, information and data portal and resource centre for electronics and supply chain industries) respectively.

Excelpoint works closely with its principals to create innovative solutions to complement its customers’ products and solutions. Aimed at improving its customers’ operational efficiency and cost competitiveness, the Group has set up research and development (“R&D”) centres in Singapore, China and Vietnam that are helmed by its dedicated team of professional engineers.

Established in 1987 and headquartered in Singapore, Excelpoint’s business presence spans over 40 cities in more than 10 countries with a workforce of more than 750 people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

For more information on Excelpoint, please visit www.excelpoint.com


About PlanetSpark Pte. Ltd.

PlanetSpark Pte. Ltd. (“PlanetSpark”), an entrepreneurial and investment arm of Excelpoint Technology Ltd., invests in, supports and collaborates with promising early- to mid-stage start-ups in Singapore and Asia that are related to the Internet of Things (“IoT”) ecosystem.

For more information on PlanetSpark, please visit www.planetspark.com.sg


About Meridian Innovation Pte. Ltd.

Meridian Innovation, headquartered in Singapore, is a pioneering developer of advanced Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (“CMOS”) Thermal Imaging solutions with operations also in Hong Kong, USA and UK. They are in the development of cost effective and high-performance Thermal Imaging Sensor based solutions for commercial and consumer applications that will enable safer and better living.

Their technology utilises a unique patented approach in fabricating MEMS LWIR sensors based on only CMOS. Combining a proprietary wafer-level vacuum packaging allows Meridian to produce their sensors at lower cost and mass producible volume.

For more information on Meridian, please visit https://www.meridianinno.com/

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